Capital P, Capital ISIN, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester 2017

In September 2017, PISIN were invited to exhibit in one of Castlefield Galleries New Art Spaces. In order to show the great city of Manchester what they had been working on, PISIN team up with Castlefield Gallery to exhibit works created in the first half of 2017. PISIN gave over a large amount of paintings to the show's curator, and PISIN fanboy, Magnus Quaife. The rest was up to him.

'Capital P, capital ISIN' was supported by Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces.
Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces (NAS) is an initiative to create dynamic project spaces for artists, artist collectives and artist development agencies. Making use of temporary vacant retail, office and light industrial units, NAS provides opportunities for emerging creatives to incubate their practices, produce work and showcase new art to local communities. Currently CG runs New Art Spaces in Bolton, Leigh and Manchester City Centre.

Here is a review written for Corridor8 by Paul Caldwell about the exhibition:


Creekside open selected by Jordan Baseman, APT gallery, London 2017

PISIN had a painting selected by Jordan Baseman for the 2017 Creekside Open at APT Gallery in Deptford, London. The exhibition included a further 80 artists and was a well curated collection of diverse works from diverse artists. The selected work was,´The Pink One`, acrylic and vinyl on paper created in early 2017.

Works from The Carl Mooncalf Collection, Serf, Leeds 2017

"Have you ever played Buckaroo? My grandma used to have it when I was a child and we would play it together with my brothers and sometimes my cousins, although they were sore losers. Still are. So are my brothers. The idea of the game is to pack as much onto the back of a horse/donkey as possible before it flips its hind legs in the air throwing the contents to the floor."

This is how PISIN make paintings.

Here is a review written for Corridor8 by Lisa-Marie Dickinson -

Lame Journal Launch issue 1. Serf, Leeds 2016

A short piece of writing about the beginnings and working of PISIN was published in the first edition of LAME journal. For the realease of the journal LAME held an opening party/exhibition at SERF, Leeds in which PISIN presented four new paintings.

PISIN in the Harbour, Hamburg (Hafencity) 2016

PISIN showed a small selection of paintings from 2015/16, which were all around A4 in size and abstract in nature, albeit with a few figurative references. The paintings chosen didn't convey conventional beauty; rather, they were included to convey the challenges as well as the indeterminate nature of the collaborative painting process. Most paintings were coupled with visually similar counterparts to highlight that, even though PISIN has four counterintuitive brains, there was a cohesive theme running through the body of work. PISIN also ran an 'in conversation with' experience at the private view, to stimulate discourse: "When the people ran out of wood all the water was burnt and the society had more space. It isn't a Phoenix, It's a flame!"

Wakefireld Artwalk 2014

A selection of small works on board were presented on top a wall paintings by Bijan Amini-Alavijeh as part of the Wakefield Artwalk.

(pictures to follow)


PISIN #2, Manchester 2013

PISIN playfully installed a exhibition of over fifty small paintings on board, works wove around the white cube space in an unconventional manner, interacting with each other and the architecture of the space.

To coincide with the PISIN paintings on show, the collaborators hung an individual work in a sitting room corner of the exhibition.

Polite If Somewhat Irritated Notice, Manchester 2013

PISIN's first exhibition combined a traditional wall hang with a selection of floor pieces and small sculptures.